Digital painting By Lisle Gwynn Garrity © A Sanctified Art LLC

Last Sunday I used a painting of the meeting of Elizabeth and Mary as part of my sermon.

While those of you in the building will have been able to see this image, those online could not, hence I’ve posted it here.

I settled on using this image because the embrace, and the intertwining of their bodies, spoke to me of the intertwining of the stories of two women, one young and one older, within the single story of God’s acting to bring about his radical and transformative work of redemption.

This Sunday

This Sunday we will continue to reflect on the “single story” of God’s acting to reconcile the human race to himself, as we think about the nativity.

The story of the nativity (from Late Latin nativitatem, “birth,”) is of course like the story of Elizabeth and Mary, multiple stories woven and intertwined into the great single story of God’s redemptive act of becoming a baby born in the humblest of surroundings in a provincial backwater.

As with any re-telling of this story, there is an opportunity for everyone (not just children) to participate, so come prepared to be an Angel, Shepherd, or Wise Man.

Participation / Intertwining

While our participation in the nativity should be fun, it should also remind us, and provoke us to reflect, on God’s open invitation to participate in His continuing outworking of His great story of salvation.

How is my story, my life and your life, intertwining with this great story so that the course (the plot) of my life is part of God’s great story?

So, the challenge for us all is not just to put aside our shyness and participate in the Nativity this Sunday, but for us to be filled with Holy Spirit boldness so our lives are fully intertwined with God’s story and thus tell of His wonderful saving love.

See you all Sunday.