On Sunday morning we will continue our series Good News for a Hurting Planet.

God Gave.

We will, again, be looking at our hurting, broken planet through the lens of John 3:16. Having thought a little last week about God so loving the world this week the phrase “that He gave His only son” will anchor and shape our thoughts.

An Opportunity?

In thinking about this passage, we will take the opportunity to reflect on how wonderful God’s love is that he gave his only son. But here’s a question I’ve been mulling over as I’ve thought about this.

“If God in His love for the world gave his son, is there a sense in which God also ‘gives’ us – his sons and daughters – for the sake of the world?”

This might seem like an abstract theological question, but I think it may have some very practical implications for us. In particular, I wonder if God’s giving is a key source for us establishing meaning and a sense of purpose to life?

A loss of Meaning.

Having a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives is important, but I sense that a growing number of people, both inside and particularly outside the church, echo the words of the teacher in Ecclesiastes… “Meaningless, meaningless, Utterly meaningless! What difference do all our labours make as we toil under a burning sun?”

I wonder, how you respond to people who say there is no point in us doing anything? Those who say, “What’s the point in me doing anything…it’s meaningless because of the pollution of big business!”

I’d love to learn from your wisdom as to how for you the good news of John 3:16 shapes your answers to this kind of statement.

Email me your thoughts or if you are comfortable doing so put them in the live chat on Sunday.


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Thank you to those who in response to last week’s update and my message on Sunday, have sent me some simple vegetarian recipes. I’m looking forward to trying these out.

Grace and peace.