If, like me, you were around in the 1990s, you might remember a brief craze for Magic Eye pictures, or stereograms, as they are more properly called. (Kids, you’ll need to ask your parents or grandparents about them!) 

People would sit around for hours, peering and squinting at a colourful, seemingly abstract picture, trying to make out, with greater or lesser degrees of success, the butterfly, unicorn, motorbike, etc. hidden within the busyness. There were even competitions where you would win a prize if you could identify the hidden image. 

This Sunday we continue our series Further Up, Further In with a look at Esther. The book of Esther is known for not actually mentioning God, but that doesn’t mean He’s absent. Instead, as we read the story, we are invited to look for, to seek out, evidence of His hand at work.  

Come prepared to share and participate as we join as all ages to seek God and to worship Him together. 

Remember, too, that this Sunday we have the QP Party in the Park and BBQ after the service. There’s still time to sign up to make sure there are enough burgers to go round. Don’t miss out on this chance to spend time together as a church family. 


See you Sunday.