On 24th February 2022 Russian tanks crossed the Northern Ukrainian border signalling the “special military operation” which planned to take Kyiv and decapitate the government of Volodymyr Zelenskyy within hours. That did not happen. Instead, a protracted and brutal war is being fought out with global ramifications.

These days, within hours of conflict or natural disaster, news anchors and foreign correspondents are reporting live from the scene. We, the viewers, are transported from the safety of our living rooms onto the frontlines of tragedy.

Whether earthquake or invasion, we find ourselves wondering how to respond and what the Lord would have us do.

Eric Liddell, Scottish missionary and Olympian, was no stranger to conflict, himself dying in a prisoner of war camp in China. He once said:

“Circumstances may appear to wreck our lives, but God is not helpless among the ruins.”

Across the globe, Christians are showing up to offer God’s help amongst ruined lives, ruined cities and ruined nations. Our global focus weekend this year invites us to consider what God is doing on these frontlines. It is remarkable to be reminded of just how our mission partners are engaged in some of the most challenging parts of the world. From FAST in Romania providing hospitality to Ukrainian refugees, through to LSESD in Lebanon supporting people displaced by the Syrian war and made destitute by the recent earthquake. Our mission partners are there in person: sharing faith across cultures and among communities who have no understanding whatsoever of Jesus, enabling impoverished communities to fend for themselves and delivering life-saving procedures with basic medical facilities.

Our guest speaker is Jan Ransom, who spent some time in QP some years ago. Jan created Flame International, a mission agency with a vision to see people set free from the pain and trauma of war, terror or oppression. Their mission is to release God’s healing, forgiveness and reconciliation to individuals and their land: healing, equipping, training, and supporting local leaders. https://www.flameinternational.org

We’d love for you to get involved in our global focus weekend activities. This is an opportunity to be inspired and informed about the work of God and how you can be involved. Please look at what’s on and join in.

You will have an opportunity to contribute financially to our global mission work. This offering is an essential basis of our support of our mission partners and projects. Last year we raised £13000 – wouldn’t it be amazing to beat that target!