The coffin, the altar, and the aircraft carrier

I am sure you will agree with me that the message Clive brought to us last Sunday was pivotal for us as a church. It invited us to deal with the bitter root of criticism that we may find ourselves living under or pronouncing over our church, our Christian siblings or the wider church in the world. We heard very clearly to deal with the destruction and death such a posture ushers in and to put it to death at the altar of Christ’s death for us.

I know many of us will have sensed something of a shift in our spirits as we made the declaration to put to death that which was working destruction in us. As we did so we were freed to step into and take hold of the challenge to be a people of the cross who become a carrier for mission. Jack’s word from Ex 15:22-27, beautifully captures this journey from Mara, the place of bitterness, to Elim the place of purity and abundance through the miracle of the rough wood cast into the toxic stream.

So today in our update we simply want to share the word with you which I pray will continue to liberate and encourage us.

Regarding QPBC

Today 20 July I found myself in the sanctuary of QPBC and was on the platform. I stood still and silent. I started to weep it felt as though there was a funeral and there was grieving. As I wept those around me didn’t quite know what to do. Then the doors opened and what I thought was a coffin entered in slowly. As it came further in it became an altar. It was laden with gold.

I looked to see what it was more closely and realise as I looked at it, it grew larger and became what looked like an aircraft carrier ladened with gold. It came right into the centre of the sanctuary. Everyone was ushering it in. Then it caught ablaze with holy fire. Like a furnace of intense heat and flames licking up into the sky. It was molten red and orange.

It grew so larger that it crumbled the outer walls of the church. It was so large and powerful that the building could not contain it and it fell in rubble to the ground.

Then I heard a voice saying

“This house was called to be a carrier of my presence.
I call for a Hezekiah revival, a return, a restoring, a reviving of my glory.
The season of Ichabod will be replaced by Chabad.
My glory will rest in this place.
This house will be called Jehovah Shammah. The LORD is there. There is no other agenda for this house.
My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations, it is a house in which my presence dwells.
It’s time to seek the Lord, it’s time to lay down your agendas, and it’s time to reprioritise me and my intent for this house.
No more strategy, no more structure, no more planning, it’s time to seek the Lord.
Its time to worship and praise,
it’s time to pray with living faith,
it’s time to hear my heart and mind,
it’s time to encounter my glory.
And from this place my glory will shine, my awesome presence will impact as I chose it to impact.
I will protect you and I will sustain you. I will hold you up when your arms are weak and your knees are buckling.
You are stronger than you think and you are more courageous than you realise.
It’s time to take the risk and cut free from careful steady and safe. It’s time to launch out into the open waters of my grace and provision,
it’s time to become what I have designed and destined you to be.”

Declarations at the end of the Service

I declare the blood of Jesus and the Power of the Cross have:

  • Set me free from all the abuse and words and wickedness
  • all the neglect that has been done to me
  • freeing from shame – false responsibility -ungodly control
  • from sickness and malfunction – disease and infirmity
  • all injustice that I have been a victim of
  • all my sin – my transgression and my iniquity
  • Frees my mind from– fear – ungodly beliefs
  • From all curses- frustration – every attack of destruction in my life
  • From death, Hades, defeat and hopelessness

I receive by faith all the benefits and blessings secured for me by the blood of Jesus

Clive’s prayer for those at the front: Lord as these people stand before you –

  • honour them as they seek to honour you – as your blood is being applied by your spirit.
  • I speak against all the anger – frustration – deep disappointment – regret – every sense of shame – power of those words spoken over you. The ungodly ties of those who manipulated you or bullied you. I break these ties now
  • Release them from under the judge’s criticism
  • This day Jesus is setting me free – I will never be the same again
  • Release the anointing of the Spirit
  • Revive the house to reveal your glory – a mission hub – revelation of the presence of the Divine – all that happens Lord will make you happy
  • I bless this house in the name of the Father, Son and Spirit – and pray His blessing into the House – death will diminish and the house will be ablaze with fire and glory (like aircraft carrier)
  • Death will have no more dominion here
  • Every word of curse – every judgement – every opinion or dissatisfied customer – bless and release them into your fruitfulness

Shut the door on the past – and revive us again that your people might rejoice in you