I confess to feeling a little smug in the shops recently as I meander past parents and their children feverishly searching for and trying on school uniform.

With my youngest having left school in June, for the first time in 17 years, I am not among those frantic hordes.

If truth be told, I am also feeling a little sad. I will miss that first morning of the school term. I love the excitement of fresh, crisp, white shirts and freshly laundered blazers, taking photos to the groans of, “That’s enough, Mum!”, the flurry of school bags and lunch bags and goodbyes as they rush out the door, followed by ……peace.

This year for our family, it’s time for a new season, a fresh start.

Whether you have children at school or not, this time of year is a time of fresh starts, of new beginnings. With the start of the school year, comes the start of lots of different activities, especially around the church – Playtime and BabyPlay, The Gathering, QPYouth, Explorers and Adventurers on a Sunday, to name a few.

This Sunday as we worship in person as all ages, we will be sharing communion. When we take bread and wine together, we remember the fresh start that we are all offered through Jesus’ death and resurrection. We read in 2 Corinthians 5: If anyone belongs to Christ, then he is made new. The old things have gone; everything is made new!

Whether you are looking forward to the next few weeks nervously or with anticipation and excitement, may each of us be reminded that God is the expert craftsman of each new beginning and fresh start.