I love this photograph …it is of a tree growing, clinging to a rockface, a most improbable place for something to grow, on the side of Ben More near Crianlarich.

For me, it is a picture of hope, of endurance, of life against all the odds.

I love trees and it gives me joy and comfort to think that in this wild and over-grazed landscape this tree has grown and survived.

This Sunday

On Sunday, we will be thinking about the book of Revelation, a book full of evocative imagery. It is in many ways a book about hope, endurance, and comfort. It tells of the life of God’s people, the church, pictured as seven lampstands, who know true life against all the odds.

Not just comfort, but challenge

However, it is not just a book of comfort, it is also a book of warnings and challenge. It challenges us to cling to the rock who is Christ Jesus. It challenges us to remain faithful – even in a hostile environment – in our worship and witness to who is God and Lord. It challenges our understanding of power and victory by presenting us with a lamb …a lamb who appeared as if slain.

An immersive experience

John’s series of visions recorded in the book of Revelation are not a puzzle to be solved or a code to break, rather, it is an invitation to be caught up in what John sees and feels.


As you read the book of Revelation, I wonder what you see and feel? What brings you comfort and hope in John’s message? What challenges you, and as a result what might you change?

See you all on Sunday (DV)