Last Friday I went to an event where the facilitator introduced the group to the three levels of seeing. Like me, many of you would recognise this, given Andrew Bennett introduced us to this back in February during the Saturday morning session he did with us on compassionate and active listening.

Let me remind you what they are:

  • I notice
  • I wonder
  • I realise

As I’ve thought about noticing, wondering, and realizing it struck me that key to this is presence and attentiveness.

Getting Ready

As we prepare our hearts to gather as God’s people on a Sunday these three questions can help us be present and attentive to what God is saying to us and doing among us, and so help us live out the calling he has placed upon us.

Guest speakers

This Sunday we will be hearing from Pete Greig and Carol Ny’ang’a.

Pete is well known to many of you and needs little introduction beyond saying that apart from being a brilliant communicator he is someone who seems to exude integrity and vulnerability as an overflow of his love for Jesus.

Carol lives and works in Kenya where she heads up the Msingi Trust which connects, mobilises, equips, and inspires community and faith leaders toward social justice, social activism, and social transformation. Like Pete, Carol is a fantastic communicator and I’m looking forward to what they both have to share.

Bible Reading

Carol will be sharing from Matthew 19: 16-22.

As you read this passage what do you NOTICE, what does it make you WONDER about, and what do you REALISE (What is God saying to you)?

When we worship together on Sunday, expectant of God’s presence among us, attentive to what the Holy Spirit is doing, I wonder what you will NOTICE, what you will WONDER about, and what you REALISE you need to do as a result of this?

Special Offering

We are thankful for the work the Tearfund do all year round, and the work they are doing in and around COP26 has been a helpful reminder of this. So, on Sunday we will take a special offering for the work of Tearfund. We are not yet in a position to pass around an offering bag, so there are three ways you can give:

1. Give via Churchsuite (there are instructions in the weekly email about this).

2. Bank Transfer: If giving in this way please reference your gift Tearfund.

Sort code:  80-07-34
Account number: 00782303

3. Church Office: Cash or cheque can be handed in to the church office in an envelope on a Tuesday between 10am and 4pm.

See you all Sunday.