All Eyes on Glasgow

All eyes will be on Glasgow these next two weeks. COP26 has finally arrived in town and with it the hopes of nations for brave decisions to be made that will help our world tackle the climate emergency that is appearing all around us.

Christians, of all people, should understand that this beautiful planet is the work of our Father’s hands and has been entrusted to our care.

Whilst we must face the real issues of our human impact upon the environment, we do that, with hope and confidence in Christ, knowing :

“all things were created by him and for him, all things hold together through him and find their ultimate destiny in his redemption of all things!”

This text from Colossians 1:15-20 would make a great backing track to our prayers and hopes for COP26.

I wonder as we head up to COP 26: What message would you like Christians to communicate about the world we live in and the challenges of the climate to world leaders and politicians?

Phil Reilly

We are delighted to have Phil Reilly, National Director of Development & Mobilization from Tearfund Canada (and ex-QPBC!) with us in person this Sunday – watch out for him again online in a couple of weeks. Next week we will join with many other folks to share in a special COP26 service of worship.

In the face of the massive changes required at government levels globally to reduce the carbon in our atmosphere, we can feel powerless. However accumulating millions of small acts can make a difference, here’s 5 (

  1. Watch your burn. With rising fuel bills our eyes will be on heating bills this winter. Manage your energy use, find renewable suppliers for your heating, and even turn the heat down just a little.
  2. Change your menu. Cut down on meat, source great local food, reduce your portions and your waste. That sounds good for personal health as well as the planet
  3. Drive less, fly less. Think carefully about your travel plans. We have all learned to live more local in the last 18 months. Even Zoom can be better than sitting in gridlocked traffic
  4. Make your wardrobe greener. Fast fashion really impacts our planet. According to it the UN it takes 3,781 litres of water to make a pair of jeans! Think about reusing clothes a bit more before you buy more.
  5. Be informed and talk about the issues. and are great places to start.

    And two more for this month
  • Act

You can make your voice heard with other Christians. Join the climate march on Saturday 6th November

  • Pray

Join with intercessors across the globe praying for the Lord’s earth. Here’s a prayer

Father God, this earth is amazing and beautiful. Forgive our confusion and inaction as we confront the challenges of climate change. In the light of your truth, seen so clearly in the life and teaching of Jesus, help us to re-examine ourselves and our lifestyle choices and see clearly the implications of how we live on all that sustains life on this earth. May we follow your leading in caring for every aspect of this precious world, which you made and love. We pray for world leaders to agree on radical actions in Glasgow this November that will help protect our world from the impact of global heating for future generations. Throughout history, you have moved people to do amazing things for the sake of their neighbours. Inspire us now to work together, as your people, to change priorities in the way we live, so that we build a fair and safe world for all your creation; a world where your will is done as it is in heaven.