How lovely to be able to share today after the good news this week of easing restrictions earlier than had originally been suggested. The prospect of travelling across council boundaries within Scotland and of meeting more people from a greater number of households, outside, will no doubt have brought excitement to many. I know for me, I immediately started to make plans for the coming weeks, even if they were simply to go for a walk with a friend that lives in East Dumbartonshire or see some family in North Lanarkshire.


The lifting of these restrictions and the hope of further lifting in the coming weeks, motivates us to press into the question of ‘what does church look like in a post-covid world?’ and this is what we are considering in our mini-series, ‘Re|Frame’.

On Sunday, as we began this new series, Brodie shared an encouraging yet challenging, prophetic message with us on QPLive and in Camphill. (If you have not seen this yet I do encourage you to go and check it out on our YouTube channel.) God is calling us to move forward, but that involves seeking him on what of the old we are to leave behind and what of the new we are to pick up and take with us. Last week, Brodie ask us if we are ‘ready to listen to what God is saying to us with a radical openness?’ This wasn’t just a question for last Sunday, but a continuous question for us.

This week

This week, we are delighted to have Alyn Jones with us from Grace Center in Tennessee. Alyn will be sharing with us, what he promises is a message of hope, from 2 Kings 6:24-7:16. (Just a wee health warning especially for those with young children, you may wish to read these verses before Sunday morning.) We will also have the opportunity to hear from one of the guests from our most recent Alpha course, which was run online by a team from our Partick site.

Questions to ponder

As we prepare to worship together this Sunday, and to hear from God through Alyn and as we join together, why not take some time to read 2 Kings 6:24-7:16 and ask God what he is saying through these verses this week. You may also wish to ponder the following questions:

  1. Where/in what circumstances, do you long to see an intervention of God?
  2. Are there situations or circumstances that lead you to doubt that intervention will come?
  3. What are the promises of God you need to be reminded of in this season?

Last week, it was great to see so many people sharing on the chat on QPLive, as we read Scripture and listened together to what God was saying. If you feel God is giving you a verse, word or picture, please do share this with us. You can do this either by emailing office@qpbc.org or sharing it on the chat on QPLive on a Sunday morning.

Again this week, we will gather ‘Together in Prayer’ at 7:30pm, on Sunday, on Zoom, as we seek to listen together to what God is saying to us.