re | frame

Our Sunday teaching, over the next few weeks will be  a mini-series “re | frame: listening to God for a new season”

As a growing number of the population are vaccinated, and thankfully hospitalisation and deaths due to COVID decrease, the expectation is that lockdown restrictions will ease and change.
This expectation means in the UK, indeed around the world, Church leaders are asking the same question, “what does church look like post-COVID?” However, this is not just a question for church leaders, it is a question for us all.

So, in our re | frame series we want to explore some themes around change, listening to God, and discerning where God is taking us.

Joshua 4

To kick this series off we are going to look at Joshua 4, I might even stray into chapter 5 verses 1- 8.

In these chapter’s God’s people finally leave the wilderness and enter the land he had promised to them. It is a passage about remembering what has been: their liberation by God from the bondage they endured in Egypt, God’s presence with them, and provision for them during the years of wilderness wanderings. They are to remember that God dried up the Jordan so they could cross, yet in crossing the Jordan they are entering not only a new land but a new chapter in their journey with God.

Standing on the shore

On Sunday we will look to pick out some lessons we might learn as we, metaphorically, stand on the shore of our own Jordan. As I think about this text and our current situation here are some questions that I’m asking.

  1. What has God done in this past year that he is asking us to remember?
  2. What lessons have we learned that will help us in the next season?
  3. What from the past do we need to leave behind – the past way we worked, did church, did life?
  4. Are there new habits, new ways of doing things God has been forming in us that we need to embrace and develop?

Your thoughts?

I wonder if you are asking similar questions and what God is saying to you?

There will be an opportunity to wonder and ask these questions together on Sunday night in prayer [see Together in Prayer]. But if you want to help shape my sermon you can email me your thoughts on Joshua 4 and the questions above