Sharing is one of those early lessons our parents drum into us. However, sharing is more than polite manners and social graces. Sharing is powerful. Sharing resources builds friendships and creates unity, it makes things happen that we could never do alone and it is the human powerhouse behind God’s work in the world.

That’s where we are going this weekend as we complete our series in Philippians. In Phil 4:10-23 Paul thanks the Philippian Christians for their generosity which had fuelled his mission for years and now supported him in imprisonment. He had learned through tough times that God supplied his needs, according to his riches in glory and that the delivery of that supply came through in human hands. In this case in the form of Epaphroditus and his near-death money-shifting mission.

Yet this giving was no one-off. Paul’s global, gospel mission had at its beating heart a ministry of giving and receiving as spiritual riches and human resources were swapped strategically to the benefit of each and all across the eastern Mediterranean from Rome to Jerusalem. Sharing resources- that’s the economy of the kingdom.

Over to you!

So, how are you and I giving and receiving for the kingdom? Now there is a question we’d love to hear your thoughts on.

  • How can we use our resources, whether money, abilities, and experience to further God’s global mission?
  • How can we go about investing our hearts and minds and resources in such a way that our giving is spirit-led, strategic, and wholehearted?
  • Perhaps you have a story to share about how God has met a specific practical need according to his riches in glory – we would love to hear it!

We would love to hear from you. Send an email to or check in on the chat on Sunday

Generosity Path

Check out stories and resources on about how people are using their resources for the kingdom.

Here’s a quick acronym to help us all to live a generous LIFE

  • Generous with our Labour
  • Generous with our Influence
  • Generous with our Finance
  • Generous with our Expertise

Talking of sharing resources for unity and mission, leaders from over 50 churches around the greater Glasgow area (and Skye!) have been meeting online to pray through lockdown, and out of that has arisen a plan for a united outreach service at 6pm on Easter Sunday evening. We would love to join in and encourage you to see this as something to invite friends and family to. Perhaps folks who would find it a big step to attend a church will find it a bit easier just to click a link and hear the good news!

There’s lots going on this week and it’s so easy to miss a message here and there so let me direct you to our website – it’s a great resource to share! All the information you need, and more! to engage with Easter at QP is there.