Mr Chippy

Mr Chippy, two words that sparked a vision in my soul. More than a vision: a smell, a taste, and a hunger satisfied. It was my dad’s tested technique for tired teenage legs staggering our way back from a hill walk. He would describe the joy set before us when we got to the chip van, the options on offer, and the delights that would be ours to savour. Whilst I don’t want to suggest my “God was my belly” (Phil 3:19) the vision of food at the end of a tiring walk was a pretty strong motivation for my teenage brain. If I am honest, it still is!

What motivates you?

A glorious future vision does that, it guides our paths, puts a spring in our step, and keeps us moving. So, what about God’s great promises for our future? What are they? What place do they play in our lives right here, right now? What motivates you to press on, to win the prize? Why not read Phil 3:14-21 and see what you come up with?

Please let us know your insights. We have so enjoyed the contributions you have been making, they have been so helpful.

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