The Current Situation

Covid and lockdown have messed with our routines and what we saw as normal life. We have been left missing being with one another in 3D. For many of us we have lost the ways we serve others, we have lost the places and situations in which we used our gifts and talents.

Before lock down many of us struggled with questions and fears around worth and ability to contribute. Add all of this together and could end up with a body paralysed by these thoughts and feelings.

‘We all have something to bring, to offer, to contribute.’ I wonder if you have heard those words before. But what about when we feel like our hands are empty? What about when we question the value of what we do have? Or when circumstances change?

This Sunday

This week we are continuing to explore practices that connect us as God’s people. Our topic this week is ‘putting your gifts and abilities in’.

Throughout the past decade, at QPBC we have used a tagline each year to helps explore how to live out the vision of ‘Calling a City to Life’. Early on in this journey one of our tagline was ‘put your whole self in’. Our topic this week takes us back to re-explore this idea.


A few weeks ago we were talking about feedback and we have loved receiving feedback on topics and questions over the weeks and want to encourage this again this week. Below are a few questions for you to mull over, discuss and share your thoughts on…

– What do you have in your hands?
– How are you using what is in your hands? How have you been ‘putting your whole self in’ throughout this season?
– What do we do when we feel like our hands are empty or question the value of what is in our hands? What is God’s take on these thoughts and feelings?