Over the past number of weeks, on QPLive, we have been thinking about our connections – our relationships. This Sunday we are going to think about forgiveness; our need to forgive others and also to receive forgiveness.

We all need to receive forgiveness and also to forgive those who have hurt us. None of us journey through life without picking up bumps and bruises, and some of us have been deeply wounded. Forgiving the person(s) who hurt or wounded us can seem impossible, and indeed, it is not an easy thing. Yet, when we read Matthew 18:21 – 35 (the passage we will think about this Sunday) it is clear that God calls us to forgive.

I’ve invited a special guest to join me in conversation around this passage and the issue of forgiveness. You’ll have to join us on QPLive to find out who this guest is, but some of you may be able to guess if I say that he wrote a helpful book on forgiveness.

This Sunday

In our short time together on Sunday we will not be able to say everything that could or should be said about forgiveness. So, you might want to start thinking about this important subject by reading the passage in Matthew and asking yourself three questions:

1) What is the most valuable lesson you have learned about forgiveness?
2) What is the hardest thing about forgiveness?
3) For you, what have been the main benefits of having forgiven someone?

I look forward to you joining with us on YouTube on Sunday. You can email your answers to the above questions, or more generally what you feel God is saying to you about forgiveness, to We love your thoughts and feed-back. And of course, you can contribute to the conversation on forgiveness on Sunday by using the ‘chat’ in YouTube.

Grace and peace,