He’s in the waiting

Well one way to think about waiting and what it does to our souls is to practise it. I want to begin today by thanking everyone for their patience yesterday as we dealt with technical issues when trying to go live. Contrary to what some of you will be thinking, it was not a set up.

This generation

Waiting is something we rarely if ever choose. Does anyone actually scan the queues in the supermarket and then purposefully choose the one they think will take the longest? It is well documented that more and more of us are part of instant gratification generations. We want something and expect it now (but if we really have to wait then we could possibly wait for next day delivery). I am part of the Amazon Prime generation – no matter what you want, one click and it can be on your doorstep in under 24 hours. It takes seconds to find and play any song we want, we can access millions of movies and TV shows at the click of a button. We take out credit rather than waiting and saving. Want an answer? Just google it.

But we worship the God who time and time again, says “wait”. Even when he sent his son to earth – Mary waited through 9 months of pregnancy; it was about 30 years before Jesus’ ministry began; about another three years before his death; and 3 more days before resurrection. And what does Jesus say the disciples, in his final words, before the ascension? “Wait.” (Acts 1:4)


Impatience can get the better of me – if it isn’t happening then I simply want to make it happen in my own strength. But waiting draws us to God, into his presence. A few people on Sunday were talking about the song ‘Take Courage‘ by Kristene DiMarco.

“Slow down, take time
Breath in He said
He’d reveal what’s to come
The thoughts in His mind
Always higher than mine
He’ll reveal all to come
Take courage my heart
Stay steadfast my soul
He’s in the waiting”

In the place of waiting, in his presence, we are awakened to the plans of God at the right time and even more he reveals his heart and his love for us. A reminder that he is faithful and trustworthy.

The disciples

For the disciples the time for action was about to come. They were about to go out; to spread the good news; to heal the sick; and to raise the dead. But this was to come from the waiting. And in the waiting? “They all joined together constantly in prayer.” (Act 1:14, NIV)

Sitting in the waiting; resting in the waiting; entering the presence of God in the waiting; it all transforms us and makes us more like Christ. It is in that place that we are empowered and prepared to go and to do – to go and do the things God has for us not just our own ideas.

So as I conclude today, I want to leave, some more lyrics, as a prayer over each one of you…

You are a mighty river
You are a flowing stream
You are the Fountain of Abundance
Washing over me

Be still and know I am
Be still and know I am

And let the waves crash over me
Mercy overwhelming, love so deep

(‘Waves‘ by Worship Central)