Scattered Servants living out the great commission. 

How do you fit a quart into a pint pot? The answer is, of course, that you cannot … at least not into the one-pint pot, but if you have other pots then you can happily pour your quart out. I open with this because we can’t fit all the insights and stories we are receiving from you into #QPLive, and given we don’t want to loose what is being shared, we will when appropriate use this ‘blog’ format to share some of your stories and insights. So below is some encouragement from Jo and family, Carmen, and Norma (permission has been granted to share). 

From Jo and her family:

“In response to the email about this Sunday’s topic… a few things we’ve been doing. They feel quite small but I think the small things are making a difference more than normal these days. 

We’ve found the feeling of community within our immediate vicinity has increased significantly. Suddenly many of us have more time and are missing connection with others and so area reaching out to others in our street. We’ve noticed many more people making eye contact, smiling and chatting, and there’s a genuine concern for one another.

At the beginning of the lockdown we put a display in our front window with a message of hope for our neighbours and folks out walking.

We’ve also started a WhatsApp group for our neighbours and have been sharing pictures/messages and plant cuttings. Video updates of some new baby robins that have been nesting in our garage has generated much interest in the street!”

Some thoughts from Carmen:

I don’t have the gift of evangelism, but we are all called to be witnesses. There are always small things we can do. 

For example, I made some mini prayer quilts recently for Red 4 service team (which I am part of) and also Christian friends on the “frontline” and then felt that I needed to make some for friends outside the church. I did this with a bit of trepidation as I wasn’t sure what their reaction would be. As it happens, they were all really pleased to receive them and it has opened up some conversations around prayer and Christian belief.  One non-Christian friend has asked to make some more for her to pass to other friends.  

So I would say, use the skills you have to engage with friends and neighbours – bake a cake; offer to weed a garden; arrange to meet a neighbour at your gateway for a coffee (you both bring your own!); and talk about the positive things that church people have been doing (Glasgow City Mission, FAST). Letting people know that the church is not passive in this difficult time.

Using technology to sow kingdom seeds – Norma

With reference to the Scattered Servants update re the great commission during lock-down, I have been posting daily reflections to a large group of different friends on WhatsApp. Probably like most people, I’ve been sending & receiving lots of ‘funnies’ which are helping to make people smile during these challenging times. However, I felt God speaking to me to also send out His word. 

Each morning, I post a Bible verse, or quote from a well-known Christian, & send it to about 20 people who are all at different points on a faith journey. As it is sent, I pray over each message that it will bring truth & hope to people & that their hearts & minds will be open to what is received. 

I’m now on Day 41 of doing this! I’ve had some encouraging responses from people & feel very blessed to be part of this.


Perhaps you spotted the same themes in these stories as I did? The common themes I saw were (a) Listen to what God is telling you to do, and (b) do what God is telling you to do even though it seems small! 

May God bless you as you obediently sow the mustard seeds of the kingdom (Matthew 13:31 – 32) as you in faithful obedience do what He is asking you to in these days.