This poster hangs in the large hall at Camphill and in the sanctuary. It hangs on the left-hand wall …or is it the right-hand wall? It does not take much, does it, to sow seeds of doubt, particularly when we need to rely upon our memories.

What is doubt?

Doubt is a funny word (at least to me). We use it to express both certainty and uncertainty. Given it is sunny I have no doubt that Bruce is wearing shorts. Or, I doubt that I can still fit into the suit trousers I bought when I was twenty-one. Neither are expressions of faith, but of certainty.

But what about doubt is its more common usage, when we express our uncertainty, or lack of confidence in something. Is this the opposite of faith or is doubt an important aspect of faith which is important to our spiritual growth and maturing as followers of Jesus?

This Sunday

On Sunday we are going to think a little about this, because if we experience real life, and we do so together, then we should have the confidence to talk about moments of doubt, of dark nights of the soul, and of times when we felt a bit lost or uncertain about our faith.

We will follow on from where Caz and Iain took us in John 20 and consider the account of Thomas who had not yet seen the risen Christ thus expresses his uncertainty about what the others were telling him about Jesus.