Labyrinths have been used in churches since the middle ages. A labyrinth provides an opportunity to reflect and think about Jesus, it gives a contemplative space to pray and listen to God.


Last year we offered an opportunity to prayer walk using an Easter Labyrinth. Over the course of 3 sessions over 120 people used this tool to contemplate the journey of Jesus from Palm Sunday to the cross and resurrection.

This year we are delighted to again offer a Labyrinth as part of our Holy Week events.

If you’ve never visited a labyrinth before, don’t worry, unlike a maze there are no dead ends and you cannot get lost! The pathway leads you to the centre of the room and then back out again by a different route. On the way there are various stations designed to help you pray, think and meet with God. Take the walk at your own pace – fast or slow. Spend as much or as little time as you need at each of the stations and talk with God as you walk.

The Easter Labyrinth will be held this year inside The Point on Queen’s Drive on Wednesday 8th April from 7pm-8.30pm, Thursday 9th April and Friday 10th April from 11am-2.30pm.

We’d love to see you there!


Mairi Greenshields