So, have you managed to miss the rain and huge puddles, or have you got soaked this week? On Wednesday I took the train into town and managed to miss the rain, which I’m thankful for, to visit Glasgow City Mission.

Glasgow City Mission

As a church, we love the work Glasgow City Mission (GCM) do with some of our city’s most vulnerable people. Seeing vulnerable people in our city journey from challenges many of us would find hard to imagine to a place of flourishing is not just the responsibility of the staff of Glasgow City Mission; we all have a part to play.

We can, of course, play our part at any time by praying for the work of GCM and praying for those they are working with. However, as a church, we have a fantastic opportunity to be practically involved in supporting the work of GCM.

Volunteer Week

During the week of Monday 13th May till Friday 17th May, we are looking for 2 volunteers each evening to join GCM’s team to run their Evening Drop-in.

The Evening Drop-in provides a hot and nutritious meal, conversation and community, and whatever help is required. GCM also facilitate a table discussion around a Bible passage.

Calling our City to Life!

The vision of GCM is the same as ours, they are all about Calling this City to Life, and a key way they do this is by giving their guests a ‘taste’ of Kingdom hospitality. If you volunteer during this week you will have an important role to play in demonstrating this Kingdom hospitality and God’s love – what’s not to love about doing that?

Sign up Quick

Given there is only space for 2 volunteers per night it goes without saying that you’ll need to sign up quickly for this. It also goes without saying that many of you will not be able to be practically involved …this time around. Yes, we hope to do more things like this with GCM going forward. In the meantime, as I’ve already said, if you miss your opportunity to sign up this time, then can I encourage you to pray for the work of GCM especially to pray for the men and women in our city who need support and help in the challenging circumstances they face.

You can sign up to volunteer this week through the calendar on the website or through Church Suite.

This Sunday

Last week Iain kicked off a new Sunday sermon series which we are calling Unshakable: standing firm in turbulent times. In this series, we will be working our way through the book of Hebrews.

This week we will be looking at Chapter 2 of Hebrews, so why don’t you read this chapter and meditate on it before Sunday?

Catch up on the Podcast

Chapter 2 flows from and builds upon the argument of Chapter 1. If, like me, you missed Iain on Sunday, you could do what I did and listen to him on the Podcast. Indeed, I’d encourage you to do so as having a good grasp of this opening argument in Chapter 1 sets us up / equips us to understand the rest of this book, especially Chapter 2.

Verses 8 and 9

The second sentence of verse 8 reminds us that while Jesus is victorious, while “nothing has been left unsubjected to him”, we currently do not yet “see all things subjected to him”. Thankfully the author of Hebrews does not end there, after all, he is trying to encourage his listeners, but follows with a verse I have come back to time and time again through my own life, … ”Instead, we see Jesus…”.

I would suggest to you that these words “instead / but, we see Jesus” are key if we are to not drift (Heb 2:1) away from God as it appears some of the first hearers of Hebrews either have done or are in danger of doing so.

We’ll think more about this on Sunday.

Till then, unless your name is Dr Foster, try and avoid the puddles.

Grace and peace.