Yes, you have read the title of this blog right and yes, the question mark is playing a very important role in this title!

This Monday, 21st March, is نوروز , Nowruz, the Persian new year, when our brothers and sisters from Iran traditionally say goodbye to winter and welcome to spring. In previous years we have hosted a Nowruz celebration which have been wonderful times of eating delicious Iranian food, a Haft-seen table including live goldfish, and dancing …lots of dancing!

This year the Iranians who are part of our fellowship do not feel like celebrating, indeed they feel like weeping. Their hearts are broken for what has happened and is happening in their homeland, and to family members and friends who still live there.

With this in mind, this Nowruz, rather than meet for a celebration we are going to meet to pray; Sunday evening, 6:30pm in the sanctuary at Camphill.

If you are able, please come and stand in prayer (Rom 12:15) with our Iranian family and cry out for God to move in grace, mercy, and justice in that land.