We have recently been encouraged by a number of prophetic words that have come to us as a church both from members and visitors. A number were given to us in written form and so we are able to pass these on. So here is a selection. They are in chronological order apart from the last one which came from Fiona Keenan back in May. It’s amazing to know that this was actually given first as it summarises the others. We hope this will be a genuine encouragement to you.


Words from Lin Button’s team

(from their prayer time prior to visit) and shared on 17.09.2022

“The stag on the highland bellows” We looked up some definitions of stag and found it bellows in the rutting season (which I know you know)
This is the word Iain had in 2010 which translated into “calling a city to life” the picture of the stag on a postcard has been on his desk for 12 years!

A hardback-covered book with a lock. When it was opened it was a book of rules and regulations which then disappeared.
(This word was identical to a word shared by Mark Henderson on a Sunday morning reminding us that all false accusations of the enemy over us as a church were defeated and erased at the cross.

Clove Corfield

20.07.2022 and shared 09.10.2022

Today 20 July I found myself in the sanctuary of QPBC and was on the platform. I stood still and silent. I started to weep it felt as though there was a funeral and there was grieving. As I wept those around didn’t quite know what to do. Then the doors opened and what I thought was a coffin entered in slowly. As it came further in it became an altar. It was laden with gold.
I looked to see what it was more closely and realise as I looked at it, it grew larger and became what looked like an aircraft carrier ladened with gold. It came right into the centre of the sanctuary. Everyone was ushering it in. Then it caught ablaze with holy fire. Like a furnace of intense heat and flames licking up into the sky. It was molten red and orange.
It grew so large it crumbled the outer walls of the church. It was so large and powerful the building could not contain it and it fell in rubble to the ground.
Then I heard a voice saying
“This house was called to be a carrier of my presence.
I call for a Hezekiah revival, a return, a restoring, a reviving of my glory.
The season of Ichabod will be replaced by chabod.
My glory will rest in this place.
This house will be called Jehovah Shammah. The LORD is there. There is no other agenda for this house.
My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations, it is a house in which my presence dwells.
It’s time to seek the Lord, it’s time to lay down your agendas, it’s time to reprioritise me and my intent for this house.
No more strategy, no more structure, no more planning, it’s time to seek the Lord.

It’s time to worship and praise,
it’s time to pray with living faith,
it’s time to hear my heart and mind,
it’s time to encounter my glory.
And from this place my glory will shine, my awesome presence will impact as I chose it to impact.
I will protect you and I will sustain you. I will hold you up when your arms are weak, and your knees are buckling.
You are stronger than you think, and you are more courageous than you realise.
It’s time to take the risk and cut free from careful, steady and safe. It’s time to launch out into the open waters of my grace and provision,
it’s time to become what I have designed and destined you to be.

Jo Turner

given on 16.10.2022 and shared at service on 23.10.2022

I was looking at the church building and I was taken up higher to see it from a bird’s eye view so that I was looking at it from high above.
The building was full of people and there were crowds of people outside the door and along the street to the front and side of the building because there wasn’t enough space inside.

I listened and could hear a strong and loud beat of worship that was reverberating out from the building. This strong and loud beat of worship was drawing people to the building. My vision then zoomed in to the building and I saw that instead of music, the type of worship I saw was people filling the church all kneeing, humbling themselves before God.
I heard the words- ‘his kindness leads us to repentance’. Then ‘In repentance and rest is your salvation. In quietness and trust us your strength.’

I saw the walls of the church crumble down like dust and the people inside and outside were joined together into one large crowd. After this the people went out from there, back to where they came from and I saw a domino effect of this scenario happening in different locations that they went out to. This domino effect consisted of humility, repentance and worship which then drew people to Him.
The initiator of this movement was the kindness of God.

Lucy Peppiatt

shared 06.11.2022

word also shared at 24/7 national prayer Gathering in Belfast October 2022 as a word for UK church in general

‘Now is not the time to go higher, but to go deeper. It’s not the time for mountaintop experiences, for bright lights, and heady days, but now there’ll be revelation in the hidden places, the secret places, the dark places. That’s where you’ll find me. That’s where the Spirit will lead you to search the deep things of God.

These places will be tomb-like; some things will die there.
There’ll be womb-like; some things will grow and be born, there’ll be new things, new life.

As people discover the deep things of God there’ll be a power that will grow underground in the dark, hidden, and secret places. And in time there’ll be a groundswell breaking through, signs of the kingdom breaking out everywhere but from surprising places, from underground, hidden places where no one knew the seeds had been sown. Light will come out of darkness. And then everyone will see and say God is there, and there, and there. Go there and they will teach you the deep things of God because they are the people of the Spirit.’

Jenni (Lorna Douglas’ sister!)

visiting on 20.11.2022

Lovely to meet you yesterday at QP, thanks for taking time to chat and pray with me. Here are the details of what I felt God was saying:
My attention was drawn to the boards at the front of the church with the vision statements on, in particular the one behind the band to the right. I saw the green building at the bottom (which felt to be representing the church) rise up and glow – like it was shining with God’s love to all – a beacon. I then noticed the blue building to its right – tall and thin. It looked to me like a lift, ready to take people up to the shining church.
I pondered a little on this, and asked God to show me what it meant. I then needed to use the toilets and whilst there I was reading the church’s statement on the back of the door about the kind of church you want to be, and the last line really hit me – to achieve our potential for God (or something similar – I’m going from memory!). We always think of achieving potential as being about going up – climbing the ladder, reaching the top, Maslow’s hierarchy etc, so it fits really well with the image of the lift.
This was when, as is sometimes the way, God appears to draw together the many seemingly random thoughts that keep bothering me, and my train of thought / pen can’t keep us with how it all fits together!
The church that is raised and shining is not about the building (which felt like an obvious realisation), it’s the people. The people being raised up to shine for him: not just to shine as a light to others, but to shine our praise to him and reflect his glory. It’s about achieving the potential of what we were created for – to bring Glory to God.
We can only get up there if we choose to use the lift. It’s a series of choices:
choosing to press the button to call the lift.
choosing to step inside once the lift arrives.
choosing to press the button to make the lift go up.
choosing to step out when you get to the top and embrace the new position you are in.
The lift represents the presence of God – something we sang so much about on Sunday (big thanks to the worship team – great song choices, led brilliantly). We need to repeatedly choose the presence of God in our lives as individuals, and then as a church we reach the top together and shine the brightest. One small bulb shines on its own as effectively as it can, but when you see all the bulbs together (think Christmas lights) it’s way more spectacular.
This thought about choosing repeatedly made me think of something from the book ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ that I read (mostly) about 15 years ago. The one bit from that book that has stuck with me is the point about us being living sacrifices – and the problem with a living sacrifice is that it keeps trying to climb off the altar. We need to choose every day to put ourselves back onto the altar.
Choose to get into the lift. Choose the presence of God. Repeatedly.
Choose to accept all that He has for us and embrace all that He is leading us into.
Then He will make us shine to our greatest potential.
I wrote this down hurriedly and then listened to Brodie speaking about abiding in God and felt so much of what he said was really echoing what I had written. I’m sure this is a challenge for myself as much as anyone, but it also felt somehow for your church, something you also felt when I shared it with you.
I hope you can take this emerging image and pray over it to hear from God what he wants to say to your church through it.

Fiona Keenan

10.05 2022. We kept this to last because it summarised everything that came after it! note the date

I awoke at 5:30 AM with this word which was going round and round in my head. I got up and wrote it down. Some years ago, there was a prophetic word given to QP on a Sunday morning service.
It was that there would be people who would leave the church for various reasons and that we did not need to worry about this as they would be placed where the Lord wanted them to be. It was going to be a time of shaking and stirring up for those who were left in the body of Christ.
From this would come spiritual growth, more than we have ever seen before. It would be the right people for this time and many people would come to know the Lord in and through this time. It would be hard but those who remain would be able to lead the church forward in a new way. They were ready for what God had in store for us in these times
God would give them endurance courage and strength to lead many people to know him-this would be the result!
He kept saying that it would be hard times but that the Lord would be with us in through them. I remember this morning well but cannot remember the speaker’s name