So, how are you doing? I mean, how are you really doing?

I had a conversation with someone recently where it was clear they were running on fumes. Life in general tends to throw things at us that are draining, and I think that for all of us navigating the past couple of years and the multiple challenges we are all currently facing means we can feel drained by doing even just the most everyday thing.

Rest & Refill

If we, as a church, and in our daily individual lives, are going to get stuck into encountering God, encouraging transformational relationships, and engaging in bold outreach then were going to need some Holy Spirit fuel in our empty tanks!

Isaiah reminds us (Is 40:31) that it is in waiting upon resting in God that we renew our strength. So, if we are not going to run on empty tanks we need to wait on God / rest in him.

Fantastic Opportunity

There is a fantastic opportunity to do just that on Saturday 17th September at our Going Deeper with God conference with Lin Button.

Over the past year I’ve attended a couple of training sessions Lin has done on Zoom. While I’ve valued Lin’s experience, insights, and knowledge in the area of healing prayer, what I’ve prized more highly is that these have been times of waiting /resting in God which have helped re-fill and re-charge my “tank” for ministry and life.

It is therefore my expectation that should you come along to this event – and I think you should 😊 – it will not only be a time to be reminded of things that you’ve forgotten and also learn new things, but also a time of personal and corporate refilling and refreshing.

Filling the tank this Sunday

There are other “energies” required for ministry … heating and lighting to name two obvious ones. There is no getting away from the reality that ministry costs: it costs us time, commitment, etc., but it also costs in monetary terms.

That is why each year in tandem with our Vision Sunday we have Vision Giving Sunday, which is this Sunday. This fund allows us to start or pilot new ministries and projects and do things in line with our vision which at the time Doug and the finance team set the budget we did not, nor could not, foresee.

You can give now (details are in the weekly update) or on Sunday as part of our weekly worship.

It’s not just about us

Each year we tithe what we receive from the Vision giving. This is so we have a pot of money that we can use to bless others in the body of Christ. I’m sure you, like me, have been shocked and deeply moved by the devastating floods in Pakistan that have left so many people homeless and without food or basic shelter.

In response to this we have, from our Tithe Fund, sent £1,000 to one of our mission partners who has people on the ground, responding practically to help people with food and basic shelter. It is your generous giving to the Vision Fund that allows us to do such things, and we will in due course open a Pakistan Appeal so we can further support the work of our mission partners as they respond to the great needs following the floods.

See you all on Sunday.