He is Risen!

So, have you set your alarm ready to make it to the flagpole at 8:30am on Sunday morning? The good news is that the weather forecast (at this point in time) suggests it will be dry, and there is breakfast to look forward to in the basement afterwards.

Last Year.

I must admit last year (which seems more than a year ago) it was very strange to live stream on Facebook from the flagpole with just Alison and myself. I’m expectant that there will be more than 2 of us there this year!

Why the flagpole?

Someone asked me recently “what’s the significance of the flagpole” and the short answer is, there is none. Part of why we gather there is its proximity to the church building. It’s also easy to find, so hopefully no one goes to the wrong part of the park and then wonders, why is no one else here. Certainly, one great thing about the flagpole is the almost 360o view you get of the city.

Dance like no one is watching.

Do people hear us as we sing, proclaim and pray? … I don’t know. But there is something special about a public act of witness, something powerful about looking out over our city and proclaiming over it that Christ is risen, He is Lord, He is the King who comes to heal and make whole.

How early is early?

If you think 8:30am is early for a Sunday morning then I think Mary, Mary, and Salome (Jn 16:11) would disabuse you of that notion. Luke tells us these women went to the tomb “at early dawn” (Lk.24), which would probably be between 5 and 6am. Now that is early, and I love that Luke gives us this small detail as I think it speaks volumes. If you want to know what I think Luke is telling us with this detail, then you’ll need to come along on Sunday morning.

Bible Reading(s)

I’m currently thinking of drawing on Luke 24:1- 12 and Mark 15: 1- 8 for my sermon. I wonder what stands out for you in these passages.

Context is key.

Of course, Christ’s resurrection, which we celebrate on Easter Sunday, did not just happen. There are a series of events, a whole life, a “Holy Week” which leads up to this. You will find on our YouTube channel a short reflection based on the events of each of the days of Holy Week.

I’m very grateful to Ali, Caz, Sam, Callum, and Lenna for crafting these short video reflections. If you have not watched them yet then you are missing out, they all do a great job and are well worth listening to.

There are also in-person opportunities to gather to reflect and worship. You’ll find all the details and information you need on the Easter 2022 page on the web-site.

See you on Sunday, if not before.

Grace and peace