Sheena sent the following description of a dream/vision she had believing that it may be a word of encouragement for a number of people.

A person standing in the presence of God which was a visible ‘atmosphere’.  The person was feeling so overwhelmed and unworthy to be in God’s presence that they dropped to their knees overcome with negative emotion.  In God’s presence a man (twice/three times the size of the kneeling person) formed and it was Jesus.  Jesus stood in front of the kneeling person, lifted their chin and Jesus spread his arms wide, waiting for a welcoming hug.  Without hesitation, the kneeling person reached out and Jesus embraced the person like a parent and child would.  After a long loving moment, Jesus put the person back on their feet but his hands were wrapped around their heart.  Jesus didn’t let go; he was sucked/melted into their heart and there was a glow around the person.  The person began to start walking and the glow was still there however as the person continued to walk, they were becoming less aware of the glow.  At a point where the person felt so lost, full of despair, that they stopped and cried out to God.  The glow exploded and the presence of God was all around the person.  The vision repeated.

It felt as if God was showing me that he is always there and loving us even when we are not aware of it.  That he will be there in our time of need, ready to pick us up, give us a welcome/loving hug, set us back on our feet when we are ready and never leave us.