“Dangerous Prayers” by Craig Groeschel

Currently we have two vision volunteers working with me in youth ministry. Callum and Josh help with a whole variety of the different aspects of serving our young people, discipling them, and supporting them.

As part of their time with us, we have been reading a variety of books and exploring what God is saying to us personally and also what this means for youth ministry right now. The first book we read together was “Dangerous Prayers” by Craig Groeschel. Here are Callum and Josh to tell you more about what we learned and why they think you should also read the book…



Book Reviews

Hi, this is Callum McGregor and Josh MacPhee, and we are vision volunteers with Caz. Recently we read Craig Groeschel’s book ‘Dangerous Prayers’. This is our book review as to why you too should read this book.

[Josh]  Dangerous Prayers is a book designed to tackle faith that exists in the parameter of our comfort zones, faith that is easy provided it stays within the region of our lives where it feels safe and contained but could be described by some lukewarm. Craig Groeschel’s encourages us to step out in prayers of vulnerability where God both exists most presently and develops us most explicitly, at the cost of spiritual comfort.

[Callum] Dangerous Prayers is a book for anyone and everyone who prays. Craig Groeschel challenges us all to be brave with our prayers. Prayer is not just something nice we say in church, or say just before we go to bed. We can pray anytime and anywhere, but Craig encourages us not to pray the same old thing over and over again. Craig opens his book with a friend asking him if he believes in miracles? “Of course,” Craig says, “Good – because your prayers are so lame.” His friend responds. Prayer is an ongoing conversation with God; why not risk it?

[Josh] The three prayers of this book invite God’s conviction, development, and calling. These prayers are bold declarations of vulnerability. While this can be scary, this vulnerability is where God will bring repentance that breaks chains of shame, produce faith deeper than we could imagine, and send us places we never thought we could go, all in the name of Jesus. Through personal honesty of his own experiences in these areas of prayer, and examples set out for us in scripture, this book shows us the blessing that comes with prayers that invite God into every aspect of our lives, not just the easy ones. If you want a book to help build the courage to pray into the areas where God can move your life the most, then please check this book out!

[Callum] Craig’s three prayers of, Search Me, Break Me, and Send Me, structure the book into three sections at the end of which there are questions. While reading the book Caz, Josh, and I would Zoom to discuss these questions, anything that was standing out in the book, and what we felt God was saying to us through the book. I appreciated these times of reflection and discussion. I found reading alongside other people helpful. This would be a great book to read with others, as you pray more dangerous prayers.

Josh & Callum