What is Christmas?

Three years ago today, you would have found a bunch of youth leaders, lots of our young people, and me, running around Camphill shifting chairs and curtains, instruments and bales of hay. Why? Because three years ago today our young people put on their own Christmas show, ‘What is Christmas?’ Thinking back on the planning, preparing and rehearsing of the show, I remember discovering and rediscovering so many things about this story that I had been told as a child, heard shared year in year out and even retold myself. I thought I knew all God had to say through the retelling of the birth of his Son. But now I know that I didn’t, and I am continuing to discover more about God and what he says through this event.

So much about this year looks different to what we might have planned for or expected; it looks different to what we have experienced before. That might be annoying or frustrating, but what if we were to think of it as an opportunity to view some very familiar things through fresh eyes?

Don’t Be Afraid

This Sunday we will be sharing with you, ‘Don’t Be Afraid’, our nativity, the story of that first Christmas. As we can’t all gather in one place to do this, a number of people from our congregation are going to help us to explore this event from their own homes. Join us online for QPLive at 10:30am as we go from home-to-home meeting Mary and Joseph, shepherds and wise men, Elizabeth and the angels, Caesar and Herod, and a number of children and their parents who will help us to discover something of what Christmas is all about.

As you watch the nativity story unfold imagine you are hearing it for the first time. What stands out to you? What makes you go Wow!?