Build back a better lifestyle

We scroll and we scan, we skim read and we binge-watch. Hurry dominates our diaries. We find no time to dig deep into our spirits and to grow rich lives. Superficiality is a curse of our age. However, COVID 19 has caused many of us to stop and take stock of our priorities. Many are asking:
How can I find a liveable pace that enriches rather than exhausts my life?
What should I give myself to, in order to build back a better lifestyle and healthier world?

Reset and Refresh

So, we thought we would dive into the discussion through QPLive and explore some areas where we can “Reset and Refresh.” There is a lot of wisdom and experience around, so we are looking forward to your contributions and comments.

Complexity is our 21st-century challenge. We live lives with more moving parts than we can manage. John Mark Comer’s advice to “ruthlessly eliminate hurry” demands we radically declutter and simplify. Perhaps the way to soul depth requires us to “ruthlessly eliminate complexity” from our lives.
With simplicity in mind we intend to look at four core areas to reset/ refresh:

  • Relationship with God, our Father,
  • Responsibility for our planet,
  • Reaching our city,
  • Reconciling relationships with people.

Psalm 1

Psalm 1 describes the blessed life as rooted in a place of constant nourishment. Just as a tree with access to constant water thrives even in parched land the psalmist tells us that a life embedded in the lifegiving presence of God will enable us to thrive. So, this week we are following this up as we look at “abiding” in God’s presence from John 15 and Jesus’ illustration of the vine.
So here are some things to consider as we head towards the weekend.

  1. What do you think Jesus has in mind when he describes life in God as “abiding”? You may wish to have a look at John 14:10, 17,25 where Jesus uses the same language of abiding/ residing.
  2. What does “abiding in Christ” look like for you? What spiritual practices do you find most helpful to nurture a living relationship?