Here are some lockdown reflections from Wendy who is one of the leaders of Building Blocks, our group for Preschool to Primary 1 children.

We all grow at different rates.

I’ve sown quite a lot of sunflowers this year – with my extra free time. In some ways they are all little characters – a bit like the children in Building Blocks. Although all the seeds seemed to look the same, they are all turning out differently. Some grew so well early on, that I was able to pot them out into bigger pots outside in the garden early on. This includes the pot called the three bears and later the 3 best friends. I hope that Building Blocks is a good place to make new friends for everyone. One looked strong enough to go straight into the soil and is planted in the back lane where it can be seen by more people. This one is called “Brave”, but it is at risk of getting tangled up with the brambles that are next to it. It depends how quickly it grows.

Roots and support are important

I think I may plant the one called “Big” next to it, to keep it company. This one was small to start with but needs to leave its tiny yellow pot so it can grow stronger roots. Roots are so important. One seedling went straight to live next door with our new neighbour – aged nearly 4. I am sure I will get updates regularly. Another went to our neighbours across the road for their daughter who used to come to a special youth club that they used to have at QPBC when she was in her teens. Motor and Bike both look as though they could also become big, so I’ve now planted them in deep pots so they can grow well. They will all eventually need to go into big pots or somewhere with a stick to support them outside. There are a couple of pots that sprang up later than all the others and to be honest, I’m not sure whether they are sunflowers or not – the “Tiny Tots” and “Surprise!”.

Keep listening

This all comes down to the fact that I am thinking of all the children even though we don’t see each other at the moment and pray that all the children will keep on growing and watering their spiritual roots, quietly remembering to listen to whatever God has to say to them at this time. I look forward to hearing your news and seeing how much you have grown whenever we meet again.