What does Pentecost mean for us today?

Last week we waited with the disciples as they followed Jesus’ instruction in Luke 24:49.  

“I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.”

This Sunday

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday, the day we remember and celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit, the fulfilment of Jesus’ promise to his disciples. Pentecost Sunday is the day we shout with the disciples (to paraphrase Snap’s hip hop anthem of the early 90s) “We’ve got the power.”

As we approach this day when the early church was empowered, emboldened and “set on fire”, our question is, ‘What does Pentecost mean for us today?’


I invite you to have some props handy for Sunday morning to join in as we share the story of Pentecost together. Have some rice or pasta in a plastic bottle or some tissue paper with you to make the noise of a mighty, rushing wind. Draw, colour and cut out a paper flame or have some red or orange ribbon ready to wave when we talk about the tongues of fire which appear above the disciples’ heads. If you prefer, you can download a Pentecost colouring sheet to use by clicking here.

Let’s also prepare spiritually. As the disciples joined in prayer as they waited, may we too prepare ourselves. Let’s be ready and expectant for the Holy Spirit to come and to move among us.