“Where do broken hearts go?”

…sang Whitney Houston many years ago. It’s a good question and one which she tragically was unable to answer in her own life.  Traumatic events, personal failures and overwhelming ordeals affect us all at various times and to varying degrees. In this season we are each more vulnerable to the shocks that come from losing friends, or employment, facing tough decisions or serving in vulnerable places.

How do we cope with such trauma? How do we mend from distressing events?

This Sunday

Well that’s our theme this Sunday, as we explore Peter’s story and his encounter with Jesus in John 21.  It’s a story that offers great hope for all of us who stumble through life and who come across hard times.  It is a story which promises that our failures are not final, and our injuries can be healed.

Get involved

We have really appreciated your contributions to QPLive before, during and after our service. So, we would really love for you to think and pray about this as we approach Sunday.  Get in touch to tell us what you have experienced of God’s touch in trauma.   Let us know how you have found forgiveness in failure. And let us know what help would you offer to a hurting friend?

A time to learn

Please also let us know what you are learning in this time. What good things have you discovered during lock down that as a church we would want to hold onto for the future?

What have you found valuable in our online interaction?

What do you miss from church gathered?

What do you think we need to leave behind?

How can we reach out to others in this crisis and beyond?

What should church look like in the future?

Again, we would love to hear what you are thinking and what God is saying to you.