With the news that we are entering at least another 3 weeks of lockdown and with no let-up in the tragic numbers of lives lost to Covid 19 in sight it is all too easy to be overwhelmed. Some folks are juggling work with children’s education, whilst others are being deployed to the frontlines of health and social care and still others are working out how to fill their days in isolation. For all, these added stresses affect our state of mind.

Who knows just how threatened the followers of Jesus felt in the upper room the evening we read of in John 20? No doubt they feared for their lives. Danger was close and the threat to their lives was real. Jesus came into the room with the gift of peace. Peace achieved through his death and resurrection and now conferred upon them. We so need this peace during the uncertainty and turmoil, and our world needs it too. Hazel reminded us on QPLive that Jesus breathes life into them. We are so afraid of people breathing on us at the moment but Jesus breathes life not death. Then he tells us we can be super spreaders of peace as we go into the world. What a gift to know his peace and to pass it on to people who are stressed and worried at this time.

I wonder how we can dig deep into the peace that Jesus brings this week? How can we spread the good news of real peace to the anxious?

Stress and Coronavirus: some suggestions from BBC 
  • Stay connected with friends and family, online and phone
  • Keep busy with hobbies, crafts, reading, films and home improvements
  • Remain active: walk, run and exercise
  • Stay calm thanks to mindfulness, meditation, prayer or pets
  • Manage your information intake – news and social media
  • Maintain or establish routines
  • Set simple achievable tasks for each day
Stress and Coronavirus: some suggestions from QPBC
  • Anne mentioned the song “You’re Still God” from Philippa Hannah in her contribution about peace. You can find it here
  • Lenna reminded us about taking time to look at nature – pay attention to the birds in the air and the flowers of the field – look at how your Father in heaven takes care of them, “Are you not much more valuable than they?” (Matt 6:26 NIV)
  • The youth are currently undertaking the Shuffle Mindset challenge. Each day there is a post on the QP Youth Instagram and Facebook with a thought based on Scripture and a simple challenge based on the thought. E.g. today is about acknowledging our feelings, and yesterday was about taking moments to be still. These are all available on social media for anyone to join in (QPYouth Instagram and QPYouth Facebook)

We thought this blessing from the Northumbria Community spoke of the gift of peace and the longing to be together again.

“May the peace of the Lord Christ go with you,

wherever He may send you.

May He guide you through the wilderness,

protect you through the storm.

May He bring you home rejoicing

at the wonders He has shown you.

May He bring you home rejoicing

once again into our doors.”