Resources for Lent

This year Lent starts on 17 February 2021. Much like Advent is a time of waiting and preparation for Christmas, Lent is a time to reflect and prepare for the celebration of Easter. Traditionally Lent has been a time of fasting for 40 days as a reminder of Jesus’ time of fasting and time apart in the wilderness. (Sundays don’t count as fast days.) Here are a few ideas for different ideas and resources to use during this period.

Family Resources

Family Fast

Agree as a family to fast from one thing for the 40-day period of Lent. This could be chocolates or sweets, or it could be cutting out or reducing screen time or social media.  

Acts of Kindness or Generosity

Instead of cutting something out, why not take the chance to act this Lent. Follow this link to download the 40acts Family Wallchart from Stewardship and use this to help you. Or you could find out where your local foodbank is and collect items over the course of Lent to donate to them. 

If the thought of doing something almost every day is too much, then here are some other ideas to mark Lent. 

Lent Family Films

Watch a film together and use this as a starting point to talk about Lent and Easter. 

Prince of Egypt (PG). This is an animated version of the story of Joseph in Egypt, and it shows the origins of the Passover Feast. (You can buy this relatively cheaply on DVD or if you have Netflix you can stream it until March 2021). 

The Miracle Maker (U) is an animated version of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Although classified as a U there are a couple of scenes which younger children may find upsetting. (This is available to rent on Amazon Prime or you can purchase the DVD.) 


Luke throughout Lent – QPBC Youth 

Starting on Ash Wednesday (16 February) QPBC Youth will be sharing video devotions on Wednesdays and Fridays. These will be led by the young people and members of the Youth team. You can find these on the QPBC Youth YouTube channel. 

Our Global Family

Lent prayers for the world

Choose a different country to pray for every week of Lent (six all together). You could print off a map and put stickers on it or use a pen to mark each country you pray for. 

IJM (International Justice Mission).

Learn how to help stop slavery in supply chains for products we buy and use every day by signing up to IJM’s 6-part video series #SlaveFreeNormal, 


Tearfund Action suggests a number of ways we can take some lifeaffirming steps as part of our worship during Lent by learning to walk more closely in step with Christ in responding to the injustice of climate change. Here are three you could consider. 

  • Eat seasonally
    Why not explore new local, seasonal and plant-based options? 
  • Buy nothing new
    Could you challenge yourself to buy only secondhand – for example, via online charity shops or secondhand marketplaces? Or go a step further and choose not to buy any new clothes or household items this Lent! 
  • On yer bike
    As a result of lockdown, car use is down, and cycling is on the rise! This Lent, could you adopt some new cycling or walking habits that last beyond lockdown?  

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