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Working with the youth

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Getting Involved

God designed the church as an amazing community of people - each with different gifts, talents and life journey's - that He brings together not only to build us all up, but also to express His love out to a world that needs to know.

The church is described as being like a body - with lots of different parts doing different jobs, like eyes, ears, feet and hands. Each of us is unique and God has plans and purposes for us, a place where we can play a part that He has written specifically for us.

There are lots of ways to get involved, from practical to spiritual, inside to outside, occasional to constant, small teams or large, in the fellowship or out in the community. The key thing is finding out where you fit - what is your passion, what are your gifts, what is God asking of you?

Speak to your Lifegroup leader, one of the pastors or Senior Leadership Team, phone the office, or come to the Welcome Corner on a Sunday and let's start the journey.